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Do you aspire to organize a top-notch Advisory Board but face challenges to bring all the Thought Leaders to one place?

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Patent-protected digital solution providing a unique collaboration opportunity to pharmaceutical companies and physicians. It allows to maintain productive business communication between participants from different countries and different time zones in a comfortable mode and pressure-free manner.

We offer a unique digital platform developed together with the International Leading Experts to run Virtual Medical Advisory Boards.

Benefits for Company
  • Maximum efficiency through comfortable digital environment open 24/7 where the Thought Leaders provide input in a pressure-free manner
  • Full transparency and compliance with ethical & legal requirements
  • Minimal costs
  • No logistical hurdles
  • Possibility for on-line voting and track-change of documents
Benefits for Thought Leaders
  • Undisruptive care for patients
  • No travel headaches
  • Stay connected to the Leading experts worldwide
  • Regular e-mails/SMS notifications
  • Audio recording in addition to written comments on the Virtual Advisory Board Platform
Our services
  • Thought Leaders mapping for Virtual Advisory Board
  • Preparation of Scientific Agenda/Validation of presentations
  • Full IT support
  • Final Advisory Board Report Preparation

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Top-notch Advisory Board in metastatic Breast Cancer executed in Virtual format

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Planned F2F Advisory Board on Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) switched to Virtual Format

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Improving the treatment care of patients with Multiple Myeloma through regular digital connection between International, National Experts and haematologists in Europe

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Improving the efficiency and transparency of the communication for the Clinical Trial Steering Committee through digital platform

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