Top-notch Advisory Board in metastatic Breast Cancer executed in Virtual format


Top-notch Advisory Board in metastatic Breast Cancer executed in Virtual format


Treatment of the metastatic Breast Cancer is very challenging area for the medical oncologists across the world and the compe- titive landscape for all Pharma Companies working on this mar- ket. Bringing together KOLs from the different countries around the world to discuss the treatment practice in Breast Cancer and get insight on the data represent the biggest challenge.


Breast cancer is the most frequent cancer among women, im- pacting 2.1 million women each year, and causes the greatest number of cancer-related deaths among women. Breast Can- cer still represents significant unmet medical need, especially in metastatic stage of disease.


The necessity to find the alternative solution to run Internatio- nal Advisory Board and get the best possible outcome of such discussion. The digital solution should combine the possibility to collect insight running the discussion among KOLs with open questions, collecting quantitative information through polls, review the Scientific publication with comments from HCPs, run Video Call where the speaker could present new data and organize breakout sessions. MphaR Virtual Advisory Board Platform was chosen to run this event in digital format.



of the invited participants joined the discussion


Net Promoter Score to use the platform


higher level of insights received from KOLs

70 %

less the cost of organizing such event


times higher the level of efficiency of the discussion

What influenced the decision?

Secure legal and Compliance Regulations

Possibility to run polls/survey

Combination of Discussion Forum with Video Call

Possibility for experts to work simultaneously on Publication and provide their comments

Breakout sessions during Video Call


MphaR Virtual Advisory Board Platform represents the reliable, compliant and effective solution to run different scientific event in digital format.

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