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About Us

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Your Trusted Partner in Pharmaceutical Innovation

MphaR is a dedicated partner within the pharmaceutical world, offering invaluable Medical Affairs services to those at the forefront of developing innovative therapies.

Our Approach

Our support spans crucial stages, starting with the early phases of pre-launch activities that start well before product approval.

With years of experience, MphaR understands the critical importance of garnering support and knowledge from the professional medical community for the successful introduction of new products.

Elevating Medical Affairs with MphaR

Elevating Medical Affairs with MphaR

Successful development and launching of new
products require decisive contributions from Medical
Affairs to ensure support and knowledge by the
professional medical community. In the dynamic
landscape of product development and launch, the
pivotal role of Medical Affairs cannot be overstated.

Collaborative Strategies

Collaborative Strategies

We collaborate with you to co-develop robust
Medical Strategies and detailed Medical Plans that
lay the groundwork for success. This involves
thorough mapping and identifying Therapeutic
Area Experts to ensure thorough coverage and
strategic alignment.

Global Events

Global Events

Our commitment extends to the seamless execution
of diverse activities such as Advisory Boards, Medical
Education Events, in a digital format. These events are
meticulously curated to resonate on a global level
while understanding the unique needs of local

support Full MSL Support

To extend a team on the local market, MphaR provides full MSL support including:

  • Real-time insights and in-depth knowledge of the disease area
  • Current treatment practice
  • Competitors’ landscape

Empowering Insights for Enhanced Clinical Strategies

Achieve a comprehensive understanding of current protocol challenges and an enhanced capacity for data generation and development with MphaR.


MphaR revolutionizes medical affairs with digital innovations, providing efficient solutions for pharmaceutical companies to accelerate product development, maximize global reach, optimize launch readiness, and minimize environmental impact.

Our Mission

MphaR empowers pharmaceutical companies with innovative Medical Affairs solutions, driving positive change in global healthcare by leveraging digital technologies for efficient delivery of therapies throughout the product lifecycle.

Our Vision

MphaR envisions a future where digital innovation enhances healthcare accessibility worldwide, serving as a catalyst for positive change in the pharmaceutical industry, shaping the future of medical affairs through sustainable solutions that revolutionize healthcare delivery.

Our Team

A team of diverse scientific professionals who are dedicated to transforming global health by making an impact on the right clinical sites and medical specializations

Natalja Děnisová, PhD

Head of Medical Affairs​

Yulia Abbasova

Head of Compliance

Jaroslav Streharski, PhD

Head of ISL

Sara Frau, PhD

Scientific Director Oncology

Martín Gómez, PhD

Scientific Director Oncology

Nina Plaksina, MD

Medical Manager

Carolina Rojido, MD

Senior Medical Writer

John Lawrence, PhD

Medical Writer

Ana Toledano Zaragoza

Scientific Communication Manager / Medical Writer

Pavlína Cicková, PhD

Scientific Communication Manager

Yahiza Jaramillo

Scientific Communication Lead

Teresa Fernández-Linares García

Scientific Communication Manager

Stacey She

Project Lead

Emre Ilpars

Project Lead

Polina Gavrilova

Project Lead

Khendel Semere

Project Manager

Isabel Santillan

Project Manager

Alexa Doroski

Project Manager

Aleksandra Horvat

Operations Manager

Damir Kovacev

Graphic Designer

At MphaR, we care about our planet
and its future

We are committed to reducing CO2 emissions by minimizing travel activity in
the pharmaceutical industry.

As a partner of the OneTreePlanted program, MphaR continues to provide
sustainable alternatives such as state-of-the-art digital platforms, reducing
the need for industry professionals to travel.

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